• step 1

    A consultation with Mike Booth in a luxurious atmosphere. Only a few people each year are able to experience this.
  • step 2

    Mike Booth will select the gemstone from among those carefully selected from throughout the world by Aura-Soma based on the results of your consolation.
  • step 3

    Mike Booth will draw out the design with the subject sitting in front of him. As both an artist and a painter as well as a product designer, his sketches are truly excellent.
  • step 4

    Specialist staff will create a price estimate for the design
  • step 5

    Over 6 months to a year, world-class masters with years of experience will create your piece by hand. Mike Booth comes to check and revise several times during the creation process, so it takes 6 months to a year to deliver the Power Jewellery.
  • step 6

    After completion you will once again met with Mike Booth to receive the piece in person, and he will give you feedback after that as well.