Power Jewellery are the ultimate rare items designed by hand and given life through a consultation with Mike Booth.

  • These one-of-a-kind designs are created with a carefully selected gem, possessing refined but also complex designs. Inside their noble radiance rests an energy that goes far beyond what we can imagine. Their power, which has been imbued by mother earth over hundreds of millions of years, will bring out the maximum true charm of their owner. All power jewellery starts with a consultation with Mike Booth himself. A session with him is very precious, and confers a radiance to one’s life. After a bottle reading, he will select your gem of destiny from among the collection of beautiful augite. Mike Booth will sublimate your personal essence and the essence of this gem into a hand-drawn design using all the viewpoints and wisdom of Aura-Soma. Power jewelry, which can be said to embody the true essence of UK refinement, is now waiting for its moment to be set free by you.